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The Positive to My Negative

The first day Brenda and I met she came to the barn where I board my horse. At that time I had just one, Henry. Without knowing a single thing about either of us, she was able to hone in on some very personal recent episodes in his and my life that had proven to be the most trying imaginable. She was able to make such a profound and intimate connection with my beloved horse that by literally watching his physical movements, I knew that a major shift had occurred. Henry had always been a gentleman, but through Brenda as a medium and through her energy work, he found a voice for communication, and opened himself to becoming one of the most affectionate and loving animals I have ever known.  From the moment she began her energy work his life and mine have never been the same, and I knew that this woman had a permanent place in my life that was undeniable. 


Since that fateful encounter in the spring of 2014, Brenda and I have stayed in close contact. Despite her road warrior expeditions, we have never lost touch. Over the years she has revisited the barn multiple times, even working on my brood consisting of a pony, Teddy and my new horse, Miles. The latter has led us to the next level of our relationship. When Brenda approached me about working with light language from a remote distance I was of course more than willing to participate. Through this new (to me) medium and form of communication she has been able to help me, and miles, sort out and understand some of the aspects of our budding relationship before which was unbeknownst to me. 


The light language bond we had built between us spans beyond merely the barn and my horses. She has spent time at my house and while there had a very interesting encounter with our dog, Max. She was also able to take in the vibe of my home. I live with my family in a house that was built in 1799. It is a very old traditional stone house with a very rich history. I have known since I moved there in 2009 that there were spirits in the house. I have had many an encounter with various ones throughout the last decade. Most of them were visible such as random pictures tilted, lights flickering, unexplained cold drafts in the dead of summer, and the like. I have never been fearful of the spirits as they have never been unkind. Brenda was able to help me understand the house itself and its lingering occupants in ways that I can barely express in words. 

Throughout our light work sessions I have been affected in a myriad of psychosomatic ways ranging from physical and mental emotions such as tears, feeling of being grounded and even down to the complete clearing of my sinuses. Every channel we have established though our sessions has shown a strengthening effect and the results are becoming more and more pronounced. Through my work with Brenda I have found myself able to take a different and more positive approach to understanding myself and other interpersonal relationships. I have found myself having a better ability to tune in and look for the positive connections found in everyday life. 

Brenda Davis-Matz is the positive to my negative. I look forward to many more years working with her and continuing to strengthen our relationship with each other and the great world that surrounds us. 

-Caroline C. Greathouse


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